The Leaked Secret why most of the travellers choose Serviced Apartment over Hotels Discovered


21 April 2022

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Serviced Apartments over Hotels Discovered

Travellers choose Serviced Apartment for the comfort of the homestay. Most hotels are not prefered by travelling corporates.

Finding suitable accommodation is a top priority for anyone travelling to Bangalore, whether you are a regular traveller or an occasional traveller. Gone are the days when the hotel was the only accommodation choice for those on a business, leisure or celebration trip. But, with time, new accommodation alternatives have sprung up. Apart from reserving typical hotels or luxury resorts, you can opt for a serviced apartment. Both individuals and families are choosing for such stay more than ever before, and the reasons are ample. These accommodations come across as a better replacement than typical hotels. No matter how long your trips are, you can now enjoy all the advantages of a serviced apartment.

Continue reading the blog to know a few benefits of choosing a serviced apartment.

Why do Travellers choose Serviced Apartment over conventional hotels?

When you choose serviced apartments over budget hotels and resorts, you get the following advantages:

  • Space does matter

When you want the best accommodation during your stay within a suitable budget, opting for serviced apartment makes more sense than a hotel booking. Most the budget hotels offer rather cramped rooms. In most serviced apartment setups, room space is 30% larger than that of equivalent standard hotel rooms. You can easily get more than one room, which will let you feel more relaxed, eventually.

The additional space of a serviced apartment gives you the space to breathe after a busy schedule. Especially when the trip is with your family, it makes your travelling experience more comfortable.

  • Cooking the way you want

When staying in a hotel, the eating choices are finite- even if it is a luxurious hotel. Either you order food from its restaurants or eat outside. However, the majority of serviced apartments have their own kitchen for cooking. It is ideal for people who want to cook their own food while travelling. Some setups are already laden with all the kitchen accessories that you can use to make meals the way you want.

Serviced Apartments over Hotels Discovered

  • Freedom

Serviced Apartments over Hotels Discovered for the travelling families convenience. The Serviced apartments offer the freedom to tune up your activities in a way that exactly matches your requirements. If you want to cook late at night in the kitchen or you prefer a dine-in restaurant experience, you can go right ahead. Unlike the rules and regulations of hotel rooms, your stay in Serviced Apartments will be precisely how you want it to be.

  • Location

Another freedom enjoyed by those opting for serviced apartments is the location of the building. Unlike hotels which can find on the main thoroughfare, many travellers prefer a more local experience. Apart from high-quality buildings located in streets less trodden, a serviced apartment offers its guests a great experience of the city they are staying.

  • Customisation facilities

Several service apartments come with customization options. It ensures you can feel a homely ambience while staying there. You get more than enough space to keep your luggage when living for an extended period, the same way you stay in your home.

  • Facilities like a posh hotel

While staying in luxury serviced apartments, you eventually spend less than that required for living in a luxurious hotel. However, you get nearly the same amenities. The majority of apartments provide facilities like 24×7 security, Wi-Fi access, an attached gym, a TV with cable channels and more. You can also choose concierge services for booking cabs and sightseeing.

  • Flexible Housekeeping service

Usually, top service apartment setups have excellent housekeeping service, but the flexibility is far better than what you get in hotels. You enjoy more privacy than a hotel when you opt for service apartment setups- as it is.

Princess Square Serviced Apartments 

  • Celebrations

For those big life occasions including wedding, anniversary or birthday – a large group can be accommodated within the same apartments ranging from studio to four bedrooms. You can then enjoy a relaxed celebration with your family and friends. They also can benefit from the service, freedom and space of their own apartment alongside the convenience of proximity to each other… when they want it!

Serviced apartments offer many advantages over hotel rooms without any downside. The only challenge you will face is finding the right apartment for you. Princess Square Service Apartments can be better options for corporate and family guests. There are many things you should analyse before booking any service apartment, wherever it is. The location of the place is essential. If you want to avail public transport or have shopping on the agenda, finding a Serviced Apartment near popular shopping zones and metro station or bus terminus may be better suited.

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