The little known reason why the growth of medical tourism has a greater impact on the serviced apartments in Bangalore?


17 August 2017

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Medical tourism and serviced apartments in Bangalore go in Hand In Glove as a homestay in Bangalore is essential for better health in the medical tourists visiting Bangalore.

Medical tourism can be considered a kind of import: instead of the product coming to the consumer, as it does with cars or sneakers, the consumer is going to the product.

James Surowiecki

Medical tourism is a process of travelling outside the home country to receive medical aid. Patients living in less developed nations travel to developed countries in pursuit of the treatments not available in their homeland. One of the most cost-effective destinations around the world, India is enriched with a skilled workforce and upgraded infrastructure for the medical tourism segment.

It is striking that the growth of Medical tourism and serviced apartments in Bangalore as it plays a vital role in the growth of the serviced apartments. Hoteliers around the world are also working with the medical tourism sector to facilitate better lodging and tourism facilities to medical tourists.

In the following section, we offer some of the factors that portray how Medical tourism and serviced apartments in Bangalore plays a crucial part in the medical tourism sector in India.

Medical science has proven time and again that when the resources provided, great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention of disease can occur.

— Michael J. Fox

Princess Square Service Apartments

How the Medical tourism and serviced apartments in Bangalore boost the medical tourism sector

Medical tourism and serviced apartments in Bangalore is essential for most medical tourists

Most medical tourists need hotels to stay in before, during and after the treatment. Anyone travelling a long way from another nation needs hotel stays the night before treatment procedure. Fewer people are kept overnight in a hospital during the treatment. And then there may be post-operative checks to ensure everything is well, a period of recuperation, and time before it is safe to fly home. So, there is a higher need for somewhere to stay.


Meeting all medical standards that an international patient requires during his medical trip is the main motive of medical tourism. Hotel is an integral part of the medical tourism industry, provides affordable tourism and medical treatment packages to its guests. Collaborating with several airlines and medical centres, hotels usually offer quality medical care to international patients.

Medical aid and first aid

Most of the patients who chose medical tourism need immediate medical care. These hotels arrange all the medical facilities they require. Hotels also call their medical team to give first aid to the patients who need emergency treatment. Hotels also provide facilities like the post and preoperative care to the medical tourists.

Helps in development

A part of the medical tourism industry, the hotel industry also runs with the same motive. Hotel management provides quality and affordable accommodation facilities for international patients.

Welcome medical tourists

Hotels also provide nurse facility to the patients as the hotel staff takes care of food and other essential things that a patient needs to consider. It offers proper and excellent services to medical tourists, which helps in the development of the medical tourism industry. However, patients can easily trust the hotel staff during medical care.

Medical tourism is receiving immense popularity across the world, and most of the people are opting for it to avail of quality medical treatment at reasonable prices.

There is a diverse array of destinations in Bangalore, the garden city of India, which is a one-stop solution for such international patients. Located right in the heart of the Bangalore city, Koramangala is emerging as one of the fastest-growing medical tourism hubs. You will find a lot of hospitals and accommodation facilities for medical tourists here at a comparatively lesser rate.

“The greatest wealth is health.”


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