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21 April 2022

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Choose Serviced Apartments wisely in your next stopover at Bangalore. Serviced Apartments is more a homestay rather than a confined hotel stay.

Travelling for business can sometimes be exhausting times. Facing the same kind hotel room again and again, plus feeling cramped, tired and bored doesn’t help. Even though you choose a different hotel, you will get the same room/ different hotel feel after so many days. Thankfully, there are alternate stay options available for the discerning traveller, called serviced apartments so wisely choose Serviced Apartments for a brief stayover.

The top advantages of Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers

Whether you are on the road for business or recreation, serviced apartments can provide several benefits to the executive on the way. Using a serviced residence provide you with the space to work, prepare meals, unwind, rest and sleep. Typically, the biggest advantages are extra room and flexibility when compared to staying in a traditional hotel. If you are on a quick trip, convenient short-term rentals are available. And if the stay gets extended, long-term accommodations are at your hand.

What is a fully serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are a wholly equipped residence. It is ideal for both temporary and on-going accommodation, offering guests high-quality facilities and features for everyday use. It includes housekeeping services, utilities, as well as a variety of additional resources, all contained within the rental rate. While it may sound very much like a hotel, both of them are very different. Serviced Apartments presents better features than a conventional hotel. It offers additional living space and a lot of other advantages, including the level of privacy one would expect at home. Here, you can live like a local resident and enjoy your days it’s maximum.

What corporate should expect from a Serviced Apartment

Corporate housing guests and travellers require that extra special touch to ensure the most pleasant and easeful stay possible. Only the most exceptional lodging service companies are committed to providing a more excellent standard of service to the guests. Here are a few things you may expect from a first-class rental stay.

  • Housekeeping –

It takes a highly-professional staff to focus on the cleaning and maintenance in detail to ensure a clean and tidy premise. Housekeeping staffs in Serviced Apartments do so much more than turn down the sheets and replace the towels.

Princess Square Service Apartments

  • Included utilities –

Guests need to be easeful and not have to worry about separate invoices for things such as utility bills as utilities have included in the rental arrangement. We always focus entirely on the comfort and convenience of the guest.

  • Furnishings and accessories are top of the line –

With Serviced Apartments, you can expect features such as high-quality, contemporary furniture in every room, including king-size beds, large screen televisions, and Wi-Fi. Lastly, Add to that the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen with modern, full-sized appliances, and you get a comfortable, luxurious and memorable living experience.

  • Upscale locations –

You can find fine dining, entertainment, high-end grocery stores, food delivery, transportation services, and more near your apartment. Explore it as close to home, or as far as you wish, and you will get everything needed for an enjoyable lifestyle.

  • Personal privacy –

Privacy takes on a significant role for most of the people while on a business trip. Besides, It takes them away from the day-to-day intrusion of busy lobbies, conferences, and seminars that frequently associated with a hotel stay. So, most people discover that they are better able to relax in apartments.

A serviced apartment feels more like home. Besides, It provides an extensive immersion into the culture and benefits of the surrounding area.

Living in a short-term fully-furnished apartment is a preferred, customized experience, unlike any other type of stay. You do not restrict to a limited menu of options. You can also select requirements, such as secure parking facilities or a kitchen stocked with your favourite snacks and food choices, create an encounter above-and-beyond that of a typical hotel stay.

Why should you Choose Serviced Apartments?

Professionally maintained Serviced Apartments are rapidly becoming the ideal preference for recreational and business travellers. Service is there in the name and service, as implied, is what offered here. You can discover inside knowledge of the local community as well as transport connections, delivery services, movie and theatre showings and dining places for a genuinely unique stay. Enjoy a safe, pleasant surrounding area, with home-away-from-home comfort. Moreover, It is a place not just to sleep, but to live, and enjoy what the atmosphere has to offer. Lastly, In short, a serviced apartment is the right stay option for those who travel for business purposes and leisure.

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