The brief article reveals why modern Business travellers choose serviced apartment over hotels


21 April 2022

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Business travellers choose serviced apartment

Business travellers choose serviced apartment over hotels for their comfort level. The homestay feeling serviced apartments provide in his business travels.

Most corporates need to send their staff away on overseas or interstate trips for business meetings, projects and so on. They might outlay more on purchasing the flight tickets and arranging the accommodation. However, many will automatically think to book a hotel without thinking of other more affordable and suitable alternatives. If you are one among them, this article is exactly right for you.

In this article, we are highlighting serviced apartments, one of the best modes of accommodation for travellers. It is not only apt for business travellers but also a fantastic alternative for those travelling for pleasure too. Serviced apartments are also far more suitable for families travelling with children. As there are several rooms and bedrooms in the apartment, you don’t need to shoehorn everyone into one room throughout your holiday.

Now, let us discuss some of the reasons corporate travellers, Business travellers choose serviced apartments over other alternatives.

Why Business travellers choose serviced apartment over a hotel stayover.

Business travellers choose serviced apartment

  • A fully equipped kitchen

Serviced apartments will come up with amenities such as a cooker, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and washing facilities. They also offer you the flexibility to cook your favourite cuisines whenever you want. These are perfect if your project overruns or you find yourself peckish when the hotel amenities are inaccessible.

  • Space and Convenience

Serviced Apartment offers up to 30% more space than a standard hotel room. They also include separate living areas, particularly helpful if you have to store a lot of necessary equipment in your room or if you want to relax and watch a film without just laying on your hotel bed! A typical one-bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

  • Privacy

Serviced apartments Bangalore give you the privacy to work, cook, and relax in the comfort of your own personal space. Once you have booked your accommodation, you don’t need to worry about booking a restaurant as most of the serviced Apartments have catering facilities. You have space, freedom, and flexibility to arrange things at any given moment, with no distractions from elsewhere.

Princess Square Service Apartments

  • Cost Savings

Rooms generally get charged per apartment while hotels charge per individual. It means there are many cost-saving opportunities when booking a Serviced apartment, which helps you bring down your corporate travel spend.

  • Long stays

Whether you are here for project work or weekly stays away, the serviced apartment is flexible as there is no minimum stay period. It allows you to book an extended stay in one accommodation type. If you are working together with a group, you can book 2 or 3 bedroom apartments combining the privacy of your rooms with a social living space too.

  • Location

Serviced apartments situated in great locations. You can find them across all major continents and cities situated within business districts with proximity to major project sites.

  • Easy to book

Many Serviced apartment sites are now available online, which makes your booking easy. This way, you will find preferred rates and terms as well as demonstrate the value compared to hotel room rates.

  • 24 Hour concierge

The majority of serviced apartments provide 24 hours concierge service for all the guests. You will find they are knowledgeable about the local area and will assist with on the ground logistics and support you with your special requests.

If you’re a seasoned Business traveller choose serviced apartment moreover will continue to thrive and be an integral accommodation solution providing a home-like environment. It is an ideal option where you get more space to relax and work rather than staying in a congested hotel room. You get all the home-like amenities, which make your stay a fantastic one.

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